13 Caban, Coronal Mass Ejection and Mars/Saturn Conjunction in Libra

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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There are some days that line up in with an intriguing convergence of elements. This is one of those days. According to Clif High, this is the last day of the earthquake chatter he and George at HPH had picked up on in their latest web bots sweep. Today, also happens to be 13 Caban on the Arguelles/Dream Spell Mayan Calendar (enduring in order to evolve), which may also correlate with the CME or Coronal Mass Ejection, headed our way from the Sun.

This latest CME seems to have some fairly powerful energy associated with it. Here is the description of it and how it manifests, from Real News Now:

“On Sunday, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory detected a complex magnetic eruption on the sun. The NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) also spotted a large coronal mass ejection (CME) The eruption happened around (3:50 am EST), the SDO detected a C3 class solar flare originating from a group of sunspots (called sunspot 1092). The flare itself was not that large, but the filament located about 70,000 miles away erupted at the same time.

A filament is a large, bright feature extending outward from the Sun’s surface, often in a loop shape. Filament is anchored to the Sun’s surface in the photosphere, and extends outward into the Sun’s corona. It is a long magnetic structure rising above the surface of the sun, filled with cool plasma. The flare and filament erupted at the same time, this suggests they are connected by long-range magnetic field lines. Some believe the flare may have accelerated the eruption of the filament. Eventually, a giant magnetic bubble of plasma broke and blasted out into space.

The problem is, the eruption occurred on the side of the sun facing earth which means, the Coronal Mass Ejection is on its way to the planet earth. It’s expected arrival is Aug. 3. This is known as a geomagnetic storm, and they have been known to cause electrical power outages and damage communications satellites. They drive shock waves which produce energetic particles that can be damaging to both electronic equipment and astronauts that venture outside the protection of the Earth’s magnetic field.”

Below, you’ll get Michio Kaku’s take on this latex CME and how it could impact us. In addition to all of the above, Mars and Saturn are both conjunct in Libra. When Mars and Saturn conjoin, structures shake, rattle and roll. Energy and fire meets Earth. Libra does it’s best to mediate, but it’s all about balance and equalization.

Many people don’t quite understand how the Sun is directly related to our consciousness. it is thee aggregate Sol/Soul of our “soul are system.” It is guiding, on a deep, electromagnetic level, the evolution of our solar system, with Earth, probably being the most affected on a physical level. The mysterious force that is the source of our life here on this planet is also calibrating our spiritual development as well and the day of course is in the sign of the Sun itself, Leo.

Here’s Michio Kaku on Fox News.

8 thoughts on “13 Caban, Coronal Mass Ejection and Mars/Saturn Conjunction in Libra”

  1. T

    Just another item to add to our worry bank, Robert. ;-0 There are risks in all directions – always have been, I guess, but now we are more aware of them.

    Fox doesn’t hold that franchise on fear, you’re right! Did you read Bill Herbst’s latest newsletter yet? Yikes! http://www.billherbst.com/
    I admire Mr. Hirst enormously but this one was a bit hard to digest. He does back-peddle a bit towards the end of the piece.

  2. I don’t know if it is related but from Tuesday prior to the ejection, infections especially Staphylococcus from eye to skin infections had a massive surge. Asthma attacks were also very common.

  3. a

    Bright sun, hand to eye> Asthma? I have no clue except chemtrails. I have been reading that the nature and brightness of the sun is changing. I began noticing this in the 90’s
    and now it is super intense. It’s also whiter than yellow.

  4. R

    The Sun has a direct part to play in planetary weather too. In fact planetary weather (and climate change) is directly driven by cosmic weather, not by human pollution or human actions, which play only a very small part.

  5. D

    Robert,if I may, so much has been said/written about special timeline’s special people, here to populate the disaster of the Kali yuga How does one decipher those encounters we have at an early age that we in later life try to re assemble for some meaning.


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